(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

ilyAIMY's Heather Aubrey Lloyd. Singer/songwriter, guitars, ukulele, djembe - the second heart of the band.

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guitar, vocals, djembe, ukulele.

Heather "Danger" Lloyd is co-front to the band and she would prefer it if you called her Heather "Aubrey" Lloyd because that's her real name.

Wielding a powerful tenor voice that flies from velvet to growl, her strength is providing just the right amount of force, grit, softness or sweetness a song calls for. Though interested in music her entire life, Heather did little more than play coffee houses for fun while she took an eight-year detour into journalism. She reported for The Baltimore Sun, and earned her degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.

A fateful encounter with percussionist Rob Spectre in Providence, RI introduced Heather to the incredible expressiveness of African djembe in ilyAIMY’s first year of touring.  Showing an incredible aptitude for the instrument, Heather has gone on to write a number of songs completely on the drum (like “Can You Love a Girl Gone So Long”) and has been recognized nationally through touring as the percussionist for Dar Williams on her 2008 Promised Land Tour.  Fate and Lyme’s Disease lead all of us to very strange places.   

With a love of R&B, chamber choir, slam poetry and non-fiction, Heather has blossomed into an award-winning songwriter and performer. She can rap and strum and drum and rip through the emotions that comprise the undertone of all of ilyAIMY's music. She also finds found objects and makes jewelry out of these treasures as well as out of all her weary instrument parts. She is also a hobbyist performance poet.

Heather plays a Martin 6-string and a djembe from the Ivory Coast that Sharif brought back from Africa with him. Heather Lives in Owings Mills, MD. She's also taken prolonged ownership of rob's Cordoba concert ukulele because frankly she plays it better than he does.

Heather Aubrey Lloyd.

The Lovely and talented Heather Lloyd.

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