(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

About ilyAIMY - your favourite acoustic rock band that plays award-winning folk music.

rob | Heather Aubrey Lloyd | Kristen Jones | Rowan Corbett | Sharif Kellogg

ilyAIMY leaves it to the fans to decide what they sound like to them. They say it sounds like some combination of Rusted Root, Buckingham/Nicks, Jethro Tull, acoustic Tool, Ani Difranco, Keller Williams, "Nickel Creek on crack", Alice in Chains, the Indigo Girls, Metallica, and Cry Cry Cry - it's no wonder ilyAIMY has shared events comfortably with folk acts (We're About 9, Ellis Paul, Dar Williams and Pat Wictor), anti-folk acts (Hammell on Trial, Ember Swift) and pop-rock acts (the Blue Oyster Cult, Jeffrey Gaines, The Lloyd Dobler Effect, Gym Class Heroes) as well as death metal bands, reggae groups and hip-hop acts.

An ilyAIMY audience consists of fans that listen quietly while nodding their heads thoughtfully, a couple of guys headbanding, occassional ball-room waltzers, and that woman over there doing that weird raver thing with her hands...

ilyAIMY at the New Deal Cafe.

ilyAIMY performing at the New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt, MD - one of their longtime favourite places.


ilyAIMY as a whole.

Despite their appearance, ilyAIMY is not to be taken TOO seriously.

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