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This is what Will's working on at the moment. Glue and dog hair and questions like "don't you think he needs rays of power?" Oh, and "NO that's not a woman rubbin her nub on his hand, that's just a little girl! America's YOUTH!!!"

September 29th, 2003.
We're back in Philadelphia, visiting Shane, the ULTIMATE. We've landed on his doorstep and he's hooked us up with everything from directions to the Grape Street Pub to a copy of Earthworm Jim. I'm not sure what demands I'll make as a full-fledged rock-star someday, but I can't imagine they'll include much other than transport to the next show and a little EWJ.

Hell yeah.

Anywho, wireless at Drexel sucks, so the website is probably going to have to wait even LONGER before getting updated. Also - it's becoming apparent that I'd rather write in this damned journal rather than do something productive, like deal with all


of the song parts in my head. So, I think I'm prolly going to try and limit myself to 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes at night. Otherwise I'll just sit here all day, tapping aboot crap.

So, anywho, back at Drexel University. Full of flying dragons. I'm assuming, actually, that dragon guano is the reason for the wireless being so crappy (if you'll pardon the wee pun.... oh, and that one too). There's only so much flying drake fecal matter a network can take.

Rhode Island's response was nothing short of spectacular - we met so many fantastic people, and encountered so much music, I'm sort of prepared for Grape Street tonight to be sort of a let down... but actually getting back to Shane's dorm - that was a lot of fun. We encountered Reptar (the new lizard - should I put that on the website? What if his RA becomes a fan?), who is currently cricketless, and therefor out of sorts... and Ian - the Brian McClimmensesque room-mate who helped me fix my stupid graphics card issues, and Ryan, who I believe Shane thrashed with a broom later in the evening.

Ryan's another aspiring vocalist guitarist, great voice. But the broom treatment, I don't know - it might be a bit rough.

I miss college a lot, really. I miss the camaraderie that comes with roommates, the wrestling and tussling and strange strange humour (funnily enough, the same stuff you grow out of in high school is the same stuff you rediscover in college) - so we did what I did in college, and sort of beat the shit out of each other till someone called from next-door and told us that if we didn't keep it down he'd "hang us with our own intestines". Heee... them's was the good ole days.

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