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Trying to get a wireless signal at Drexel.

October 6, 2003.
Unfortunately, the Biker's for Babies event is an almost complete washout. We played to five people, including my Dad, the soundguy and his girlfriend, and the fan who invited us. Sigh. The day, however, was not a COMPLETE loss:

These are my new boots, which finally came in the mail. Went and picked them up from Brennan's house. A friend of Dave's was over, making something full of exquisite smells. Heather and I shuffled into the kitchen and just sniffed and sniffed... ahh.

We miss home-cooking a LOT.

The Biker's for Babies thing (March of Dimes) DID have some high points. The other band, Walnut Grove, was pretty good. Great lead guitarist... and there were some awesome vehicles there. Oh, and Heather got to ride a Harley with our host, John.

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