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Rob is a creature from Kansas, and as such hasn't quite caught up with the rest of the world yet - "Rad" and "Scope the scene" are frequent parts of his vocabulary, and Heather's ever-chic sensibilities were shocked. I was very pleased, on the other hand, as these often sneak their way into MY everyday speach, and I was overjoyed to find someone who justified my words.

Of course, after he told the story of how he had to REALLY clean his bathroom because he'd been attacked by a daddy longlegs while excreting urine from ... himself... and that he'd had nothing to attack the beast with (he was afraid of being bitten?!) he switched to "short, controlled bursts" - I wasn't so sure that this was someone I wanted on my side.

I almost laughed pho through my nose.

On that note, I think it's time to take a break from all this texting. I just need to keep up so that I don't have to put all of this solid text time in... REMEMBER ROB!!! 15 minutes a DAY!!!


October 22, 2003.
Tonight was an excellent night - last night we'd played the Skellig in Waltham - and the host, Hugh McGowan, invited us to come play his OTHER open mic - the Burren? Or something, tonight - The host himself was fantastic. Amazing music, amazing guitarist, amazing player. An amazing person. Very kind. Tonight he even played percussion for us. He understood all of the little glances and quirks, got all the stops in Hands, the jaunts and quirks of Deep in the AM. I was amazed. Rob from Providence was right - songwriters make the absolute best percussionists.

Beautiful blondes, great gingerale with free refills (in a bar?!!?) and a couple of other musicians who just made my Life complete. We sold a good number of CDs (we've


been at or above our quota for the last couple of days).

Returning home in gentle cold weather, New England fall looked like it was going to go after our throats with frost everywhich where and ice forming on the trees - but tonight it was gentle, cold and Lovely. Walking home with a gentle mist of rain - even the subway was easy. I think I'm very happy with Boston.

We relax back into Whitney's apartment, the cat is affectionately appreciative of attention - the window is letting in the correct temperature of air, the light is gentle, and I've got organic Spaghettios (by Amy!)... Life's good.

Heather throwing leaves in Providence, RI.

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