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Someone else at the Burren. I was surprised by the whole selling of person to person, flesh, hitting on, et cetera that happened before this open mic. For such a friendly place, I felt like you had to really watch your back.


Heather's been experimenting with CD packaging - she just gives me photos to work on, I work'em up, and she makes these beautiful CD cases.

October 24th, 2003.
We're back at Shane's for the weekend - we arrived in Philadelphia last night and went out to get about $125 worth of sushi - blowing our budget (but at least it was between five people!) but it was soo nice. I think the only thing I didn't appreciate about the place was the absolute obscene cold of the bathroom. Oh yes, hard to aim with when shrivelege is not just a priveledge, but a God damned fact of Life. Anywho - the morning has been filled with firedrills. It's moments like these that separate the folk stars from the ROCK stars. I had ear-plugs with me. After the second or third one, I just slept on through.

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