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Cool Irish pub in Cambridge. Apparently they also serve Norse food? Or something.


The other pic (the one that's sort of unintelligible, unfortunately) is a really cool Halloween display in the front of a art supply store - sculpy zombies and weird tentacular things. The unidentifiable blob at the front of the pic is a decapitated owl splatting against the interior of the glass. Cool, hey?!?

-- Later that same day--
We're travelling out of Philly back to Media, PA. We have a Ray and a Shane in tow, perhaps we'll set tasks for them and test them here and there.

As I almost turn us a wrong direction, I get worried again, and frustrated with myself. Maps aren't hard, laptop maps should be even easier, and yet I've made a consistant habit of making wrong turns at least once on every trip. Wests and Easts and rights and lefts, I'm worried that I keep making really stupid mistakes.

I can't imagine how anyone does this solo. I can't imagine trying to navigate and drive all at the same time, without a whole lot more preparation anywho. Thank God Heather's relatively patient.

I broke two strings while playing Hands the other night with Hugh McGowan on djembe. Yup. I'm a badass.

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