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not forgotten - despite the fact that the moment I brought up leaving, they came up with plans to put a gym in where my office was. Bastards.

Anywho, I'm going to try and sleep before 3am tonight - so it's bed for me. Had fantastic chocolate cake at the Perk (reminds me of my roommate from college trying to sell a slice of chocolate cake to a blonde he was waiting on at the restaurant he was working at - there was money on who could sell the last slice first - and he sold it with the line "This chocolate will make your pussy so wet you'll slip off your chair." More guts than ME - but this cake was like THAT!)

Tomorrow will be a day to test my resolutions... I shall practice for an hour... I shall do my pushups and pullups (lost weight on the Trip - about 10 pounds now, but the Lloyds feed us well while we're around, and I need MAN TONE to my flabby pasty body).... AND... I'll do some portraits...


OH - and I SWEAR I'll do laundry, too. (later note from 11.6.03- and I DID!!)

November 10th, 2003.
Woke up from weird dreams tonight. The night before, was woken by strange dreams and sirens, and a whuffling, sneezing kitten.

Our car alarm went off in Pittsburg at around 7am. We were dazed and scattered, unable to comprehend what was going on. Search for keys, searching for windows, unable to remember where we were... very unpleasant.

We were staying with a friend, Sarah, who is endeavouring (at her boyfriend's request) to become a hippie. Slowly, she is getting more Pink Floyd posters and dreadlocks. The dreads are currently the main issue, and are a whole lot more work than she was expecting.


Sarah trying to get her kitten, Skitz, into a pot.

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