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Sarah's woodburning stove... yum.

The HIPPIE Lifestyle. What does that mean? Humans In Persuit of Individual Existance? Not anymore. Means dreads and the Grateful Dead. Pot and being poor. It's a shame we can't really make it in with the REAL "hippie" crowds because we don't do enough drugs. I've got all sorts of opinionation on this, but I'm not ready to alienate the friends I HAVE made in these circles QUITE yet.

Anywho, Sarah's apartment was beautiful, as was Sarah herself. I haven't seen her that happy in a longtime, so something in her Lifestyle is agreeing with her. I'm hoping it's her boy, Matt - a seasoned hitchhiker and Life Liver... I'm hoping she's learning a little about relaxing and just enjoying the world, and I'm hoping he's learning a little about legitimately caring about someone. But I don't want to get into my concepts of family.

Last night, we arrived in Chicago, IL. It's funny, Pittsburg is remarkably different. Mountainous and stone oriented, there is something to remind you of the surrounding terrain everywhere you look. The city is cut into mountains - the streets are made of those mountains, and everything feels like it's got history.

Chicago has none of that. It feels like a generic... Just Another Big City. There is no reminder that we are 700 miles from home. We are staying in a beautiful house out in the suburbs, but it could be a beautiful house in any suburb of any city.

Well, we're not staying long - Chicago has about 20 hours to prove it's individuality to me.


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