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I'm going to kick her ass.


Heehee - I kicked her ass - er... by seven points or so. She's catching me up.

November 15, 2003.
Stayed up till 2am last night (which, with the two hour time difference that we've still not adjusted to IS a big deal), and talked to Jennie. Despite girlfriends and partners and distance and time, Jennie continues to be, quite possibly, the person I communicate with best. There's something in our heads that keeps us connected, and there's never any re-connection time required.

Not that I'm saying we're anything LIKE in the same place - but we're dealing with a lot of the same problems right now - about what our responsibility is to the world and how to fulfill it. Thoughts on children and family.

She's teaching high school - which is quite possibly the most important thing there is to be done right now. In elementary and middle school, you can instill good habits, and watch these habits and thoughts get torn apart later in Life... or in college, you can watch the cynical with their formed ideas - and the ones you REALLY need to reach never get to college anyways....

But high school is a cusp - a turning point for a lot of kids. There is an awakening right there, I know there was for me. And especially with Jennie and other young teachers, there is not so much of an age disconnect yet. Teachers that manage to keep that connexion later in Life, whether because of their own failing energy or because of the down-trodden bitterness that hooks into them after a couple of years of seeing so many efforts fail - teachers that manage to keep that connexion are rare... few and far between. God knows I couldn't handle it.

I plan to perhaps go back to school some day for my Masters, and perhaps go back and teach. I'm worried that with my Trip I'm aiming in the wrong place. Do college students care? Or am I missing the right people all togerher.

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