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Paxton, Nebraska. Best damned steak sandwiches anywhere - but little else.


A lesson in perspective in Paxton.

November 18th, 2003.
Gosh, I can truly embarass myself some nights. We come, we play, we kick ass. That's a standard, but sometimes I'm just not funny, and I know that, and sometimes someone gets offended.

Last night was awesome. We played at Lucky Joe's in Fort Collins, and I think we played particularly well - the sound system was that extra bit more powerful, and it sort of felt like we were back home, playing with the whole band. We met good people, ate incredible sushi (thanks Ken!!), and even landed another gig. Great night. Maybe I got cocky.

Tonight we played the Mead Street Station, and we came, we played, and we kicked ass, and I managed to offend the host.

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