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A Saturn that had recently suffered a similar fate to our own. It makes me sad, but proud to see an identical grey badge.... it also makes me a little sympathetic, knowing that after they replace the window, they, like us, will have nasty sticky grey residue on their door till the end of time.

November 19th, 2003.
Tonight we played the Java Lounge, and I've got conflicting emotions upon our return. On the one hand, we saw... well, I think she's the most spectacular singer/songwriter I've ever seen. There were no unneccessary words, nothing missing from the chords. Incredible guitar playing, and a beautiful sounding guitar. Her voice was exquisite, and she was visually stunning.

I just sat in awe of Danya River.

I'm at a loss of words. Exquisite... fascinating... beautiful - one of those people you want to compliment, but you know you can't, because you know she must've heard everything you'd like to say before.


Sleepy puppies.


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