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November 29th, 2003.
I"m feeling bad because the last week or so has been filled with very little activity. Of course, I'm not sure how much activity one can expect out of a musician with a head cold and a sore throat, but - well, there's so much to do that doesn't involve singing.

At the moment, I'm very very worried about communication. I get the impression that only about half of my email is actually getting out to the world - but I'm getting no error messages or mailer daemons. I've been sending test messages from to and none of them have showed up yet.

And then there's the cell phone! It hasn't worked since passing into Nebraska. On my theoretically national plan, I am no longer receiving audio signals (though through a thorough period of testing I've found that people can hear me), but the speaker isn't broken, as I can playback pre-recorded audio through my phone.

Tech-support says my speaker must be broken, and that I need to bring my phone into a Cingular store. I tell them that the speaker can't be broken, because I can play stuff through it... we go through what is obviously the same automated error message menu again, and we arrive again at the "fact" that my speaker must be broken. Once I get back to Illinois, I can get to a Cingular store, but what I suspect will happen, is that I'll get there, they won't find a problem (which will have magically fixed itself after a three week period of destroying my cell phone using ability) and I'll just have paid for a month of non-service.

I hate the world.

November 30th, 2003.
Right from the beginning, we knew that travelling out to the midwest wasn't going to be the smartest business plan in the world, and the fact that we've played half-a-dozen gigs and twice as many open mics belies the fact that we meant this was almost as more of a vacation than an actual part of the Trip. There IS logic to that statement.


When Heather initially mentioned that she felt that we had been doing a whole lot of driving but felt we hadn't travelled anywhere - she wanted to feel like she'd gone some great distance... she wanted it to LOOK different.

So I figured, we've got friends in Colorado, let's go there.

We knew we'd lose money on the travelling, that we wouldn't play enough to make up for the gas used, and we knew that we wouldn't be able to truly USE the contacts that we made on this Trip, because we wouldn't be able to come out this way again... not TOO quickly.

So, we'd make the best of it, but mostly, it's a chance to take Heather to a place she's never been before, let her be amazed by what the U.S. REALLY has to offer... and remind myself how big the world is, how many different people there are... we've done better than I'd expected - a lot better - we'll probably be coming back out in May - but we keep getting to remind ourselves that we're just out here to have a good time.

I Love Jennie's presence, I Love being around her cats - I Love the mountains and I Love the people in Colorado. It's been a fantastic trip (I talk about it as if it's over, we're still here till Thursday morning) and we've explored mountain-sides and star-scapes and a WHOLE LOT of the special features on the Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers DVDs. At the moment, we're hunting for Easter Eggs.

Oh my God - hunt down Gollum's acceptance speech for the MTV "best virtual performer" award. I knew Gollum and Dobby had some issues - the mouth on that ex-River-Hobbit is just... well, worthy of the bottom of the river.

Yesterday we went down to Chautauqua Park and met up with Sean - an amazing performer we'd met a couple of nights ago at Penny Lane. He did an excrusciatingly gorgeous set a couple of nights ago, and we invited him to hike up into the mountains with us. Didn't realize his sense of humour was sooo.... bizarre. Rare for a folky. He made me giggle.

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