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Here's to fantastic music. (clink) - OH and my BROTHER's coming! (yay)

Yeah - my brother. I didn't take that. Freak. Note to self - don't let George get his hands on my camera.


December 27th, 2003.
Yeah, so some of the last entry was really on the night of the 27th - and the morning of the 27th - deal with it for the sake of continuity!

I can never tell if the sun is bright or sulking from this side of the house. But the filtered half-light is pretty appropriate as I work on a couple of covers.

Joni Mitchell's song "River" has been important for so many years, and my voice is finally catching up with my desire to play it. It's such a beautiful song, and of course, I don't do it justice - but I'm trying hard.

It's funny - it's hard to practice it for long periods of time because my voice gets all nasal because I get all teary-eyed.

I'm also working on Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind". Why? Coming from someone who absolutely despises the city..... well, it's just such a great song. What makes it great? Well, it falls into the vast category of Songs I Learned from the Muppet Show. I think Floyd Pepper taught me this tune... the chords from the internet were mere confirmation.

Walked to College Perk from Pho 88 - a couple of miles - felt good to walk that far. Encountered a grizzled and greying homeless (?) guy on the corner of the 495 exit. At first there was a weird sort of confrontation, with him wanting to know "what MY problem was" - and when we finally came to the understanding that I was just waiting for the light to change, he asked me if I had a place to stay the night...

Strange - though nice of him to offer... advice, if nothing else.

Listening to Bush - some number of Stones..

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