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I'm really not sure how down with that I am. I mean - if we start taking photographs, then they'll end up in the Journal - so ... well I guess it's really the say of the readers... that's probably a BIT TOO personal for you guys. Yeah?

Please say yes.

I went and looked on a map. Actually it's NINE blocks. Sheesh, I hate parking in Philly.

Went out and played Donavan's open mic tonight. It was alright. Not many performers, but a good night. We came back to Shane's and did our parking space hunt. Found one pretty close to the dorms, but Heather had the hiccups and there was a cop giving a guy a parking ticket across the street. It was awesome. Heather was nervous and rocking the car back and forth and there was a whole lot of ice... and it's like - shift shift shift (HICCUP) shift shift shift (HICCUP) FUCK!! shift shift...

I laughed - and Heather hit me.

Now we're watching worms mate on television.


February 6th, 2004.
Hrm - another child abuse movie. Sigh.

The skies have taken on an intense density, glowering and threatening, and then doing more than just threatening - now it's promising, and delivering.


I woke to the sound of rain. I can't remember the last time I woke to the sound of rain. It's been snow and ice for so long, just the mundanity of rain seems almost alien.

Despite the oxymoron, I continue to swear that I have a grip on the English language.

The dorm room hasn't even lit up. You can't tell that there's a flaming ball of hydrogen in our skies for the day - it's just a thorough blanket of grey. I'm hoping the temperature doesn't fall below freezing - I want a nice easy drive back to Owings Mills.

February 16th, 2004.
Long time, no mention - nothing really to mention today, either. I think I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures and narrate a bit to make up for it. We've begun to get responses from the summer festivals, and we're beginning to plan around such things as Pagan festivals in Ohio, and Singer/Songwriter barcrawls in Illinois.

I've been really sick for the past couple of days, caught something from Alfred on last Tuesday. I helped him carry his drums into the gig that night, and he had something really nasty, and he shared.


So, I brought it home to Mara. And I think we shared it with Janna. The world's been sick. Mitzi's had food poisoning, Tyler's been feeling poorly, Sharif threw up and Jon's been depressed. Didn't want to write about THAT... see?

Anywho, many things, including my 29th birthday, which was a whole lot of fun, one of my best ever. A WHOLE lot of Magic - almost nothing better to do when you're feeling really poorly. Nothing to do but play Diablo and Magic... which, of course, is how Janna probably caught it. Sigh... Pestilence alll over. I sit here writing - Heather's dad is running around with many a household chore - cleaning and replacing batteries, to the accompaniment of the Beatles. He keeps trying to give me fuzzy hats and camel hair coats - I try to explain.... it's just not flannel. Sigh.

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