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This past Saturday, we played at Zig's with the Dreamscapes Project. I don't know if I've got space for all that went wrong that night. Maybe I'll write about it later. If I have nightmares and then just can't back to sleep without talking about it... erf.

I wondered what the Funk Box would be like - and that was the purpose of last night - go check it out. We were scouts. (yes, I know that when I fill the space with text or whatever, that it can get a bit confusing... and so I introduce a new style tonight - CaptionText! whee!!!)

Anywho, the Funk Box is beautiful. Awesome sound, awesome space, awesome stage, awesome fries. I was very happy. We ran into a lot of people I knew from Ellicott City and my time in Baltimore, and met a lot of new people. It looks like it'll be a very fun place to just hang out - even better to play.


They auctioned off their single fans for Valentine's Day. Made themselves a good amount of money towards the new album, mostly off of a trio of lesbians that were "sold" in one lot at the very end.

February 18th, 2004.
Erf - we played with Firedean tonight. I Love that man. A songwriter that I admire soo much from the performance point of view, and every other point of view as well. He's just such a fantastic writer. I'm sure of waxed poetic about him before, which is a good thing, because as it's 2am in a College Park Living room, I'm not feeling terrifically poetic at the moment.

Instead, I'm sitting and listening to a collection of John Williams' movie scores and being suspicious about a white four-door sedan that keeps hanging out across the street with its lights on. I haven't lost ALL my Baltimore instincts!

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