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February 27th, 2004.
It has been a week of impotence.  A week of being cut down, cut apart, beaten, and discouraged.

In short, it's been a week dealing with the MVA.

Monday I went to the County Police.  They sent me to the State Police.  The State Police fulfilled SOME of my needs... but then I had to go to a State Inspection Facility.  They didn't feel the need to deal with me... by Wednesday I was back at the County Police (their album of the day was "Look What the Cat Dragged In" - by Poison) and then everything was set... I was ready.... I was to go to the MVA.

The MVA sent me to the MVA.  The bastards.  I've been to Baltimore County, I've been to Carroll County... but the MVA in Carroll County INSISTED that I needed to go to the MVA in Anne Arundel County. 

Yes... Glen Burnie.  The big one.  The mighty MVA - you see... the MVA in Carroll County couldn't see that there was a signature on a piece of paper saying that my headlight had been fixed and visually inspected... they needed me to go to the Glen Burnie MVA, so that someone could sign the piece of paper that was signed by someone who had seen the headlight, so as to acknowledge that the signed piece of paper had been seen.  Once it was stamped... THEN they could see the piece of paper that had now been signed, signed again... stamped and dated and signed and Loved and addressed and.... and whatever else they'd done to it while I'd had my back turned.

Oh, and in order to finish off the Week Where I Could Do No Right... the open mic we were going to tonight... isn't happening tonight.



Fantastic egg fiesta courtest of Eggspectation... oh yes.  I had an apple omelette, with brown sugar baked potatoes.  They have a delightful logo.  That's a wee jester poking his head over the sign.  A couple of days ago, Amy and Allie and James and Mitzi and I all went to breakfast (at 1 in the afternoon, cause that's how it is) and then went to hang out at Borders.  I'd forgotten how wonderful it was to wander the bookstores with other children's book affecienados - Amy new a bunch of new books that I'd never encountered, including a new Peter Sis book about dragons. Very pleasing.  But the best one?  Look for a story about a hungry, sleepy, itchy wombat.  It's perhaps the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

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