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The Red Team.  They spent a lot of time shooting me in the head.  I'm not sure which of these guys is "sluttytofu", but that's for the best, because if I knew, I would've been waiting for him outside with the Saturn revving.


The Blue Team.  Sharif is a monster at Halo... Along with Mr. "SluttyTofu", Shane (on the right) managed to off me once by running me over with a warthog.  Sigh.  Saturday was unkind.

March 8th, 2004.
The sun is taking long, flaming limbs, and is stretching them through the cloud barrier of Chantilly, Virginia. It is largely unsuccessful.

I was a fool, a fool in socks, who began the run down the driveway before looking outside, before looking up at the sky, and realizing that, yes, plus or minus 70 degree temperatures a couple of days ago, the sky was spitting snow flakes at my head.

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