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The beautiful Gravity Lounge down in Charlottesville, VA. A large stage and lots and lots of books. Lots of distracting books. I could've sat there for hours. Sigh.

- and tonight it was smiles and familiar faces. A decidedly tragic turn-out, but the Gravity Lounge itself was such a cool room that I hardly had time to take notice. Part book store, part high-end feeding trough, part really nice music venue. It was Lovely.

The show itself was quiet and gently with high-points of neccessary energy and angst, but all in all, very relaxed, very calm. Ember, of course, was spectacular - I ended up having to go to the bathroom towards the end of her set, but I don't know that I've ever had better bathrooming music. It was just a great time - though I avoided using the hand-dryer for fear that that would be distracting to the 15 audience members. (YES I flushed) My poor pants were just abused.

Anywho, the real magic was afterwards. Ember was much more outgoing than she


was at Jammin Java, much more approachable - or maybe I was just less NERVOUS AS HELL - I fear I was suffering from a bit of fan-boy syndrome, shaking and slightly wishing to be worshipful. Traded smiles and a shared appreciation of the waiter, stories of our Love for On-Demand programming... I felt guilty steering the conversation away from politics. I felt REALLY guilty for eating a roast-beef sandwich during her "Politics of Food" song - I felt like her eyes were watching, and I thought I saw her wince with one of my bites.

But we talked of roads and wandering and venue owners and I was so glad to find out that - here was a woman who's been doing this for eight years (!) and who still Loved it, and who still enjoyed going back to places where she was known and Loved. Places, perhaps, that weren't "strategic", but that she just wanted to be. I can see myself doing that, Loving that, for a long, long time. Nothing I'd rather be doing.

The Gravity Lounge in Charlottesville, VA. Unfortunately, the Virginia University was in the midst of Spring Break, giving the Gravity Lounge this horrifically abandoned appearance. A beautiful sound-system replicating our voices and chords for about five pairs of ears. Ten hungry ear-holes... we plugged'em.

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