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I swapped RAM, I pulled my harddrive, I looked at a melted part of my motherboard. It was determined that a stick of RAM, my powersource, my display cardie thingie had all gone bad, as well as a corrupted user profile, and some other random disasterous stuff. I was pretty fucking pissed.

So, today it's a long day of catching up, and trying to get Heather's laptop to fill in the gap left by my machine's unfortunate demise. In the background, the SciFi channel is running a classic Star Trek marathon, and based on their commercials, they seem to think that their viewership demographic is comprised mostly of women suffering from "feminine itch" as well as menopause... oh, and people looking for arthritis and denture creams.

The infamous Jayson Blair showed up at the door and took a poke at it. Within moments he had my screws scattered over the coffeetable. He did this wonderful laying on of hands - the computer came alive momentarily... but then it died.


That just doesn't seem right.

Sigh, in the meantime - Captain Kirk's body has been taken over by a chick. Most unfortunate.

I swear, when Heather wanders off to the next room, she misses the best stuff.


We've got some catching up to do in regards to pictures, so let us travel back in time to last Saturday's PLOJ. The Pot Luck Open Jam, at College Perk, got into full swing by 8pm or so with about 50 musicians and listeners over the course of the night. There were two PLOJ firsts over the course of the evening. This was shot during the first part of the first of these firsts. For the first time during a PLOJ - a song was repeated. "No Woman No Cry" showed up three times over the course of the night.

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