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Off to Philadelphia and then Stroudsburg, PA...
Tuesday night we continued our wanderings, and returned ourselves to the fine city of Brotherly Love. Shane welcomed us to Philadelphia, PA - where we played the Point before going back to the dorms of Drexel University.

The Point was bloody nightmarish. This was the place we went the first night of our Trip - and we'd been blown away by the talent and the overall feel of the place. Since then, we keep going back with fiercely high hopes - and keep getting disappointed. It was one of the most horrific nights ... oh God. It was agony to sit through. I stood in the back lamenting with the host... wincing.

There were a couple of cool acts (we even ran into some friends that we'd met in Red Bank, NJ - Tommy Anton and I traded tour thoughts), but mostly it was just one of those nights that would never, ever end.

We crashed with Shane, and we played Halo. I didn't die as much as I did last time, but there was no Slutty Tofu, either.

Wednesday we drove North up to East Stroudsburg University. Mapping it out, we realized that ESU was like... five miles away from the Deleware Water Gap.

There's no reason to know of the Delaware Water Gap... of Minsi and Tamanee... calling me... except for an amazing Richard Shindell song - and Heather said that we had to go there, since we had the time. I plotted a new course and headed the car through Easton to the Delaware River. We wandered through some spectacular houses, some spectacular neighbourhoods - Heather's asked me not to fill the Journal with pictures of the houses, but they're gorgeous... I'm going to sit with those pictures flipping past me as I fall asleep tonight. I shall dream of Easton and their turreted houses and stone walls and fantastic things.

Poor Heather - after Easton, I look at her fine, fine figure... and think... "hey baby... nice roof. You'se a brick HOUSE." Mmmmm.


The Delaware Water Gap. When we saw we were near the Delaware Water Gap - between Minsi and Tamany... we had to stop and soak it in. No traffic at all, though.

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