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The Folk Art Cafe has also revamped the menu. I wandered into the kitchen and admired that supahfine hot-rod of a chromed out cappacino device. I walked around the corner and was surprised that it was standing still. Then there's the new convection oven and Cathy's mom's tuna cassarole. And her chicken soup. And Kali seems a little upset that I introduced Cathy to the concept of bubble tea - I think she's a little frightened by it. This is the expression I make when I'm counting the number of little tapioca balls I've slorped up.

April 6th, 2004.
We're out on the road again, if not travelling extensively. I think I'm officially getting sick of being in Maryland, of knowing the streets and highways, and the unpredictable weather. At least we're off to Ohio in two weeks.

Ice cream trucks drive by as I write this, Octopussy playing in the background. We played the Austin Grill in Silver Spring last night - a first for us. The open mic was

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