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Heather's lil brother, Justin, playing dress-up. I didn't get a picture of the dress, but he swears it's all for a school project.

So, we saw JR and Waverly, and they were awesome, and Symbiont was great, got to introduce Heather to a Chapman stick... all sorts of good stuff. At around 10pm we managed to excuse ourselves and run off to the College Perk so I could catch up with my old friend Jonathan Ratican ("J-Tron") who was playing over there.

Unfortunately, we missed everything but his last tune, but then an even OLDER friend - Andre Cutair took the stage. I hadn't known he was playing tonight - and I'd forgotten how ... I don't have another good word to describe it... heartbreaking his voice is. His new act - the duo Fortunate Accident is beautiful. I'm definately looking forward to playing a show or two with them. I want to sit and drink them.


Yuck, most unfortunate. Hot day today. I've been out on the sidewalks this morning, saving worms like my mother taught me. Happy Birthday mom!

April 19th, 2004.
From somewhere just North of the Pennsylvania line - I-70, listening to Ellis Paul: It'd be cool to be singer/songwriter owner/operators - musicians who also own a big 18-wheeler.

We'd pull our rig into the little coffeehouse, carefully parellel parking - and we'd HAVE to end the gig by 11 cause we've got a load of cheese that'd have to be in Kentucky by 7am.

Ah yes, the Life of a cheese wranglin rock god.

A couple of big windmill thingies for Justin. I'm not sure why, I think we were talking about them recently though... for some reason. But it's for Justin.

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