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Dave, who may or may not have been one of the owners of the Aspinwall Grille,is one of the hosts of their open stage, as well as an entertainment agent in the area AND a pretty good singer and excellent stage performer. Or at least a ham.


The Aspinwall Grille is next door to the "Artsy-Tartsy Pastry and Art Gallery". Surely worth notice.

HOLY SHIT!!!! Somewhere between Pittsburgh and California, we saw a WILD TURKEY!!!! I've never seen a turkey before. Damn big ass bird. When Heather started yelling "CREATURE!!! CREATURE!!!" I thought she was pointing out another were-mole. Wow, a wild turkey.

So, we're coming back from one of out better nights ever. We're actually worrying about running out of CDs. We sold a good number last night, and eleven tonight, and ... well, I guess we've been under-estimating outselves or something. Anywho, looks like we'll have to hope that Sharif can pick some up on the way to Ohio.

April 22nd, 2004
Oh, my God, the font is a different color - That could only mean one thing: Heather's writing her first journal entry in about ... forever. We went to a great open mic tonight and I was compelled to record the details I knew rob would glaze over.

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