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Heather finds a coconut.

Avoiding waves, searching for the beautiful things.

April 28th, 2004.
After the radio show Sunday, rob was really tired, but I find that we live so much at night these days that I crave sunshine, and I was determined to go out and soak up the last rays the day would give me. I didn't have any particular destination. The only thing I knew about where we were was that, if all else failed, fifteen miles or so down the road there would be an intersection with a gas station on each side of it and a tavern. If I made a right there, there would be some shopping strip or something. The man at the bar who gave me those directions made it sound like that was the most happening spot I might find. Really, I didn't care about "happening" or not. I just wanted to go somewhere.

So I got onto 58, the main road through the campus and the location of Aaron's house, and just kept driving. It confirmed my suspicions about how small this place is. I passed a sign along the road that I could have sworn said "Adopt-A-Highway," and the adoptees were the "Lorain County Witches," but I wouldn't get to verify my weak eyes until the ride home ... yup, Lorain County Witches. Much more interesting than the later adopt-a-highway sign with its "Boy Scouts." It took me at least 15 miles to find a Wendy's, a convenience store, a KFC and a car dealership or two. Other than that, fields of dandelions as far as the eye can see.

And I just kept driving, not knowing what I would find, not looking for anything, but liking the cool wind through the car and wishing I could put the driver's side window down and get it back up again. Liking the feeling of safety of driving small town roads in the spring sunshine. Something untouchable about it. Something always young.

And then my road dead-ended.

I pulled forward into a small, unpretentious community of houses and pulled into a driveway to turn around. And there it was, Lake Erie right in their front yard, stretching so far out it looks like ocean if I didn't know better. So I decided to see if there was a way to go down onto the beach.

I found a park a little ways down. Parked the car and took my shoes off. With delight, I sank my toes into the damp, fluffy sand (it had been raining all morning before this
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