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Dave Morreale getting assaulted by a parrot at the Frederick Coffee Company. It ate his button.

May 4th, 2004.
Freakish dreams last night. I don't think I should talk about them. The new quote on the quotes page really tells the whole story.

May 5th, 2004.
More freakish dreams tonight - riding home with Snoop Dogg - he knew Cypress Hill and hooked me up with an illustration job doing their next album cover before dropping me off at my parents' house where my old VW bus was waiting...

But even more freakish things awaited me in the news today:


Heather frequently drops the comment that she "never expected to Live in THIS country." She's referring to the current era of censorship and ... is it fear of stating one's mind? And the fact that no-one has anything to say about it... news stories just come and go and make very few ripples.

I guess the first moment where I'd really started paying attention to our native complacency was with the whole child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church... I mean, imagine what would've happened if children had started coming forth about rampant molestation in the Baltimore County school system... that teachers who had been discovered raping their students had then been quietly transferred to other schools where the community didn't know them ...and then the head of Baltimore County Schools came out and said "don't worry about that, we've known about it for quite a while and we'll take care of it."

The fact that there is even the QUESTION as to whether or not Catholic sex offenders should be turned over for prosecution...

More recently, stories keep surfacing - and not on the conspiracy pages - on AP distributed news stories! I read them over lunch, and Heather goes berzerk... and we go berzerk that no-one else is going berzerk!

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that NASA scientists had been told to not comment on the science in the new disaster flick "the Day After Tomorrow". The stated reason is that NASA didn't want to make any of George Bush's environmental policies look bad....

And today, Christy Lemire, AP Entertainment Writer - writes that Disney has shut down Michael Moore, refusing to distribute his new documentary, because it's critical of Bush's handling of 9.11. And this I can understand - companies SHOULD be allowed to decide which sort of political agenda they support... but then they give their reason: it's not that they disagree with Moore's point of view, rather they are afraid of endangering "tax breaks the company receives from Florida, where Bush's brother Jeb is governor."

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