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fucking JOURNAL – and so online I must admit I try to remain ignorant of what people say. My mother says be like a duck. My Dad said words can’t hurt me….

And yet those words still gets around.

I know what you said. I’m just not sure if you really believe what you just typed or you think you’re just letting off steam. Language matters. Relationships matter. People matter. Get out and meet some.

There's a LOT of people here at the DC Women's March. They prepared for 200,000 but Metro records alone point to closer to half a million. When I read that Obama had an estimated 1.8 million people for his first inauguration its unimaginable. (I'm not getting into Trump's numbers - I'm just saying a) the idea that yesterday the march almost doubled the population of Washington DC and that b) the inauguration of the first black president had around 3 times that many people - that's just nuts!)

January 22nd, 2017 - reprinted from Kristen's Facebook Page.
I am not a pussy-hat wearer, a snarky sign-maker, a shouter of chants or a rabble-rouser. I admire the power of a "Nasty Woman;" I don't identify with being an Angry Bitch


I guess people might've thought it was cooler if I'd caught a pic of the National Guard trying to hit a protester, but that's not what happened. MTA / transit police and Metro peeps were friendly and helpful and some even worry pussy hats. The cops were stern but helful for finding lost grandmas and kids. The National Guard stood on their HUMVEES and helped "make a hole" when people got fed up with the crowds ort, in extreme cases, went into labour.

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