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was getting).

A hammered dulcimer session on Saturday, April 8th at the Riverside Inn Music Festival in Cambridge Springs, PA. Below, Heather performing to a rapt audience on the Gastropub Stage!

It was an exhausting, brutal day - and at this point I can't even stand listening to it all


anymore. It stresses me out. But Joey's listened and thinks it's great (in all fairness, he thinks everything is great - and though this is usually a charming trait it's somewhat useless in the current context) but Kristen's ALSO really impressed and feels its the best sound we've ever gotten.

Whip me, beat me. Make me sound expensive.

Chris and Joylene of the Honest Mistakes performing at Molly Brannigans' Irish Pub in Erie, PA.

April 8th, 2017.
Heather has been feeling poorly about her teaching situation, and it’s with a LOT of eagerness that we hit the road today. We played in Frederick last night, and that BARRIEST of bar gigs, which has indeed raised the bar of bardom for bar gigs as a whole, was a LOT of fun as we sparred and battled, rocking our audience when it couldn’t be reasoned with, and bludgeoning them with heavy ilyAIMY until they were ready for some gentler tunes, and then just as their guard was lowered, shifting into high gear again. I actually really Love this kind of show, though it’s a bit exhausting…

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