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have blossomed into vibrant swaths of colour. Flashing past at 70mph the blurs surrounding the interstate would do any Impressionist proud and do wonders for blotting out that “we were JUST THERE” feeling…

Yeah. Right… right there.

No biggie, just Eric Nassau being creepy as fuck.

April 19th, 2017.
So – we got back from that little Ohio / Pennsylvania / Indiana run in which Kristen’s phone simply bit the dust at random – we were home for about 16 hours and then I dropped my phone out of my pocket and IT died too. If I was a little more suspicious I’d smell conspiracy, but fortunately for AT&T I believe in coincidence over human capacity for concerted evil operations…


Not realizing this would be my last screen shot from my Galaxy 6S Active is neither here nor there. The here AND there is the horrible way in which news often reaches me nowadays. I'm glad it blew up but jeezoflip! Below, a Heather creeping through the bamboo jungle of... Findlay, OH!

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