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Sometimes the show is for the dogs. Our friends and their award-winning disc dogs climbing every which where were a great finale for a marvelous show (Barley and Hops, September 13th, 2017)

I’ve wandered. La La Land. Great movie. Beautiful movie. But movies about artists are hard when you’re an artist. I warble betwixt inspiration and heartache, knowing that this response is the realization of someone ELSE’S vision, someone who’s yet to hit their Jesus


year. Worried that my dream is just another colour in the bucket, graying and losing definition. Ha. I keep getting greyer. Photos keep getting higher-def. Should’ve gotten married when my hair was brown and the photos were fuzzier.

Had a minor freak out at Ikea today. Not sure what that was about. I blame the music. I guess. Merf. This wall of childrens' lights was what helped me catch my breath. September 21st, 2017.

Additional notes just because that way we can end on a different note : the whole time I was watching I was thinking "Mosno would HATE this" (he hates musicals) and "Susan would find it hilarious that I'm watching this" (because she seems amused that I like technicolour movies with lots of singing in them).

September 19th, 2017.
"Wired, tired and unslept"

September 28th, 2017.
I’m sitting in my bedroom. The first one I’ve had above ground level in many, many years (since 2003, I guess) and I’m just listening. It’s unfortunate that the ceiling fan makes so much noise… but wait, I can fix that can’t I?

Check that out. The buzz-rattle of that device is gone. I can hear a neighbour cough, and the distant sigh of their air conditioners, but mostly I can hear one of the best sounds

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