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Huzaah! October 6th found me playing at the Electric Maid in Takoma Park, MD with my friend Nailah Selene (below). It was a good night. And there was even a five string electric fretted cello. Madness.

October 15th, 2017.
Sent these out today... no, I don't expect it to mean anything, but I feel like just posting on Facebook is whiny. Plus, I don't actually care about football.

Dear Mayor Catherine E. Pugh and Police Commissioner Kevin Davis,


Baltimore has been my home for many years, and the more I travel the more I’m proud to come home to Charm City. I am proud to see effort and care put forth by our leaders as we fight hard for progress in making Baltimore a great home for people of all backgrounds, races and cultures.

In the past several years Baltimore has certainly had its missteps and downright catastrophes. I believe there have been miscarriages of justice in our city, but I also believe our leadership is TRYING HARD and has the best interests of the city in their hearts and that most importantly we have a far better city today than we did twenty-five years ago, and that we’ll be even stronger in another twenty-five years. However, it’s only through good leadership that we make such strides.

I’m writing to urge you to show that in the face of the ongoing NFL protests.
As I’m sure you know, the NFL protests have NOT been so simple as “disrespect for the flag” or as unpatriotic as simply “not standing with our troops” – they started as Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem over the treatment of minorities in the United States. These protests have spread through much of the industry and I believe Baltimore should send a clear message hoping to end these protests… not by disparaging the protesters, but by addressing their concerns.
Between Mayor Pugh’s sentiments welcoming immigrants to Baltimore City, our continued struggles with ending police violence against minorities, our pride in our Black-Owned Businesses and a thousand other reasons, I believe Baltimore IS trying to address the issues at the heart of the NFL protests every day and that we should say it out loud.  I would encourage you to make a statement that Baltimore is working hard to get those NFL protesters back on their feet: NOT by boycotting businesses associated with the NFL, NOT by condemning these players’ actions as non-patriotic, and certainly NOT by claiming these athletes don’t have a right to protest – but by stating that we are

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