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what harassment is – that’s nothing”. And she was right, it wasn’t a big deal. But she followed up with “maybe we don’t need to see one another tomorrow”. As in don’t bother coming to work.

Okay, so right from the get go I knew that betwixt the mixed gender of my Groomspeeps (Grumans) and my long-term relationship status and my own "that's kind of gross"ness that I wasn't going to have a typical bachelor party - however, this was probably outside what I was initially expecting: Sharif paid for us all to go to an indoor skydiving ... tube... thing. It was kind of awesome though slightly terrifying (the wind blows so hard that you can't really breathe for the couple of minutes that you're in there) and slightly disappointing (in that Sharif sacrificed any of the times HE could go so that my BROTHER could go, and then the morning-of my brother determined HE couldn't go, so it was just me and Rowan and Heather) - but whole-heartedly pulse-poundingly cool!

Because I spoke up she didn’t happen to have any hours for me that week. Or the next week. As a matter of fact I didn’t work much with that job again until HER boss, wondering what had happened to their graphic designer, fired her and hired me directly.


Eventually my instructor would take me about 30 feet up and swoop me back and forth. I was very NOT good at it and constantly had my stance corrected. Heather and Rowan did a much better job and eventually the instructors were even able to get a bit hands off with them! October 19th, 2017 at iFly in Nottingham, MD. Below - after flying around in a massive tube (and watching ouir instructor be a SUPERHERO) I met up with Kristen and her (soon-to-be MY) mom in Ellicott City for dinner. The rock stackers (stock rackers) have been out in force and constructing Lovely things...

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