(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

About Featured Artists.

At the moment I'm ONLY booking featured artists at my Teavolve Cafe open mic - every Monday - generally booked about 3 - 4 months in advance.

One of my favourite open mic formats is to have a featured artist in the middle of the night.  This gives the regulars a (theoretically) more professional and perhaps more experienced act to get inspired by, and provides the feature with a built-in and enthusiastic audience - and most importantly it changes up the night. Open mics can often become one singer/songwriter after another after another... the featured artist slot allows me to share something a little different with my audience. Perhaps a favourite artist from some other part of the country is coming through town, or perhaps a kora player is wandering through and would never go to an open mic because he assumes open mic hosts don't know what koras are... That's what this featured artist slot is for!


Ayreheart featuring at the Takoma Park Open Mic.

This is an unpaid slot but I encourage the audience to be generous both with tips and CD purchases.  Betwixt tips and CD sales (both in the room and online, inspired by the webcast) previous artists have made anywhere from $10 - $450... We pass the hat, push CD sales and hope for the best.

These featured slots are generally fellow road-warriors that I've met while out touring, favourites from the local area, people who have really shone at the open mic - and ocassionally people that have approached me out of the blue.  I try to keep the bar pretty high, and I'm very proud of the talented individuals who've come to play my little rooms.

If you're interested in booking a featured artist slot please visit this online form : https://goo.gl/forms/yuSLUQRBJIrIBrat1

Past featured artists have included: Christylez Bacon (Grammy-nominated hip hop artist), Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer (Grammy WINNING bluegrass artists), Nicolas Carter (Paraguay), We're About 9, James Dalton (NJ), Woody Lissauer, Matt Holsen, Esther Haynes, Ayreheart, Lynn Hollyfield, Kristina Furey, Bumper Jacksons, Tiffany Thompson, Uncle John Sawbriar, Heather Lloyd, goatFISH, mOsno, Scott Morgan, Rowan Corbett, Acacia Sears Band, Sligo Creek Stompers, Cooking With Gas, Paddy Kilrain, Lilt, The Parlor Soldiers, The Whispering Tree, Sandy Asirvatham, The Great Outdoor Fight, Danielle Miraglia (Boston, MA), Jaime Pajaro (Columbia - the country), Sean Morse (Denver, CO), A'Tris (from wherever they're from nowadays), Michael Berkowitz (Boston, MA), Joy Ike (Pittsburgh, PA), Jacob Haller (Providence, RI), Kelly Zullo (Nashville, TN), Alex Colvin, sahffi, Andrew Luttrell, Jon Patton, Rick Millman, Grad Dai, Anita Aysola, Ashes to Embers, Karter Jaymes, Matt Pless, Hewitt Huntwork, Transcendent Third (WV), Ren Rick, Zach Tilley (NC), Austin Ellis, Evan Nachimson, Michelle Lewis (Boston, MA), Talia Segal, Beggars Ride, NOMAD, Damion Wolfe, Dylan Lee Brady, Andew McKnight, Dan Houtz, IO, ilyAIMY, Scott Vernon, Petal Blight, Claire Anthony, Oust, Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars (VA), Michael Ronstadt (OH), Bethel Steele (MA), QueenEarth, Frank Viele (CT), Cousin John Band, Juels Bland, the Bumper Jacksons, Aaron Nathans (NJ), Cecilia Grace, Don Kim, Aerica Lauren, Snakehead Run, Matt Nakoa (NY), Lulu's Fate, the Nice Trys, 50 Man Machine, Wytold, Conjure Woman, Tinsmith, Nature Boy Explorer (VA), DPtheEMCEE, the Forward Project....

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