(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

About OTHER Open Mics.

Sometimes you want to be louder, cruder, run later, be bigger than I can handle at my open mics.  Sometimes people just don't like me!  It's true.  Sometimes people want to do something on some OTHER night of the week... And sometimes you want to do all of the above... in Colorado.

Well - for WHATEVER reason, I'll not begrudge you wandering to another venue to express yourself.  May I recommend THIS as a resource?


This is a WONDERFUL website for open mic goers all across the country, databased by city, zip code, comedy open mics vs poetry.... I use it ALL the time while we're touring.  Check it out!  You can then read their dissertation on "open mikes" vs "open mics".  I think they're wrong, but who am I to say?!

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Open Mics and Evolution (rob at the Library of Congress)

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upComing features at Teavolve:
8/7 - Andrew Walen
8/14 - Rakes
8/21 - 4TAE
8/28 - Drifting Spirits
9/4 - Conor Brendan
9/11 - Guest Host Heather Aubrey Lloyd
9/18 - Think Again
9/25 - Kosi
10/2 - Radiation Puppy
10/9 - Juels Bland
10/16 - Silver Strings
10/23 - 5j Barrow
10/30 - The Darkest Timeline
11/13 - Dirk Hamilton

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