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About the Recordings.

I make a multi-track audio recording and multi-camera video recording of every one of my open mics. This is NOT quite the same thing as what gets posted to www.youtube.com/robsopenmics.  The webstream is the board mix and a single camera - this sits at youtube for about a month and is free to all. However, if you want to keep it, save it, I ask for a donation - I will mix down and clip out your performance and provide it as a downloadable file that you can post wherever you wish.

Because of the effort that goes into this, I ask for a donation for my time.  If you'd like to get a copy, first check out the webstream of your performance once it goes up at www.youtube.com/robsOpenMics (it usually goes up within 48 hours of the night) and make sure you were happy with your performance.  The audio quality from the video does NOT reflect the quality of the multitrack recording and often I have 2 - 4 cameras running so multi-cam videos are an option. Really - just use this as a way to guage your performance. People have used my videos and recordings as promo materials, contest entries and complete Live CDs.

I Was Awesome, Now What?
First off, don't dally. Because of space considerations, I generally won't keep your performance any longer than 4 weeks. And no - I won't give you a copy of someone ELSE'S performance!

Once you know what you want, please email me at rob@ilyaimy.com with the date you performed and which songs you'd like mixed down. Please provide me with the following information as you'd like it to appear in the file: name of the performer, name of the song (and name of the original artist if it's a cover), and your preferred website or contact link*. Capitalize it like you mean it!

I first mix one song and send it to you to approve the mix. Once that's approved I'll go ahead and mix the rest of the set and move on to video (if requested). Again, I'll mix one song, provide a private youtube link, and then do any other songs after your approval. If you have preferences or recommendations (more reverb, less guitar, sorry I can't accomodate "turn down the suck"!) I'll remix it once for free.

Once the files are done, I'll bug you for money. You can either paypal me at rob@ilyaimy.com, catch me at a show and give me cash or check or credit card or something. I no longer accept livestock. Once money has changed hands, I'll provide a download link for you to nab your noises. Please download these files within a week - I need my drive for other stuff!

*So this is just what goes in the video itself. When you upload this to your own sites you can put whatever information you want in the description, but links written in the video should be as short and easy as possible because they're not "linked" from the video - people have to read them and type them in! This is useful because when someone "shares" a video, people won't necessarily go through to read descriptions, text in the video goes wherever the video goes.

Generally speaking : $25 for a video of a single song or $35 for a two-song set ($15 / $20 for just the audio). If you've been the featured artist, generally I'll do the whole set's video for $50 (typically 5 complete songs and videos, $30 for just the audio). If you're more complex (4 piece band? your pedal harmonium had seven individual outputs?) or require substantial editing, this may be more.

Under no cicrumstances will these be distributed without your express permission.  If you have any questions, contact me at rob@ilyaimy.com.

Q - Why are you so cheap?
A - Because as a booker I think the world would benefit from higher-quality Live artist videos. Also, I'm a performer, not a video engineer. I'm using this as a way to teach myself about video editing and my gear isn't AMAZING, but it's usually better than the crappy phone videos most people are posting - and the sound is WAY better.

Q - Why are you so expensive?
A - Dude, obviously you haven't priced out video capture and editing! I'm not expensive! But my time IS worth something. I try to be fair!


The marvelous Basswood performing at the Teavolve Open Mic. This gives you an idea of what I create, as well as how I generally credit the video.

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