(ill YAY' mee) n.
award-winning percussive rock-folk from Baltimore, MD

About the Webcasts.

What to say? The webcasts are audio and video webstreams supported by ustream.tv and viewable at www.ilyaimy.com/TV/. They are then archived at www.youtube.com/robsopenmics for a month or so and I generally provide a list of the performers and their order in the description.

An archived performance of Firedean and the Brooklyn Garden Club performing their song "Sword of Beautiful".

I don't always like ustream's interface, things can be difficult to search and the commercials annoy EVERYONE - but it seems to be the best solution I have found for doing this sort of thing for free.  (though recently, because of the recurring success of the online event, I've been offered a lucrative "Pay-Per-View" option, but I somehow don't think my audience would be happy with that!)

The video quality varies and most broadcast glitches are caused by wireless traffic on the venue's router. Sound quality on any of the webstreams is subject to all the nastiness that any ubercompressed mp3 is wont to have.  This combined with the fact that I do very little Live monitoring of the stream means that the in-house recordings that I do of the open mics are vastly superior to the audio streaming on the webcast.  However, everything is also stored locally, and that's what I upload later to youtube. Hi-def, well-mixed. Sometimes grainy. But a good time had. Want a copy? Click here!

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Open Mics and Evolution (rob at the Library of Congress)

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4/3 - Jeff Miller
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